Best Compression Tights for Running

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Best Compression Tights for Running

Finding the best compression tights for running is a breeze with Flying Lizard Boutique. We have the fit, function, and style for every runner.

Woman Wearing Compression Leggings While Running


Finding the best compression tights for running is a breeze with Flying Lizard Boutique. We have the fit, function, and style for every runner.

6 Best Women's Compression Leggings for Running In

With free shipping on all orders over $150, the following best-sellers should provide you with some inspiration for a brand new winter/spring wardrobe.

1. Adder Leggings

Adder Women's Compression Legging


It’s no wonder WITH is a best-seller with its versatile Adder compression model. Runners can rock them day or night for a full range of motion and flattering fit. Adder leggings feature a 3.5-inch waistband with Salutex material that provides maximum give. Playful, functional—take it anywhere while being lightweight and dry 24/7.

2. Lenox Nine Iron Leggings

Budha Lenox Nine Compression Leggings


Wick sweat away the sexy way with Phat Buddha’s Lenox Iron Leggings. These full length compression tights boast a seamless blend of 92 percent nylon and only eight percent spandex. For a one-size-fits-all legging, these are the new go-to for the indoor and outdoor track in 2017.

3. 125th Mysterious Leggings

Buddha 125yh Mysterious Compression Leggings


Fans of distressed jeans will love the “hole-y” nature of the 125th Mysterious Legging. Ribbed and ventilated, Phat Buddha’s best seller provides maximum cooling above all other workout tights on the market. They are ultra-cute with a black tunic, chunky jewelry, and booties too.

4. Butterfly Print Leggings

Peony Butterfly Print Compression Leggings


On top of having a stylish design, Flying Lizard’s Peony Butterfly running tights are a true-to-size snug fit designed to promote circulation on and off the track for the right amount of active recovery. Like most Flying Lizard leggings, they encompass four-way stretch technology for optimal performance and comfort.

5. Laura Stripe Leggings

K Deer Laura Compression Pink Tights


Versatile and funky for all things running and beyond, the K-deer Laura Stripe lets any woman channel her inner Cheshire Cat while still reaping the benefits of a trusted compression legging. Wear it as a fashion statement or a light, silky mid-cardio tight.

6. Blurred Paisley Leggings

Peony Blurred Womens Compression Leggings


Compression tights don’t get much better than the Peony Paisley Legging with its 82 percent nylon and 18 percent spandex blend. It includes a media pocket for your photo ID or house key and provides a four-way stretch to take a runner from the pavement to hot yoga studio. As with any running legging worth its weight, it has moisture wicking fabric to divert pore-clogging sweat.

Flying Lizard Boutique

Running tights are a necessary staple in any runner’s closet—from the curious novice to the 50-mile per week veteran. Stock up on all the essentials this winter with Flying Lizard Boutique!


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